The goal of this blog is to promote open communication. Despite that, we will be monitoring comments to ensure spam and inappropriate comments do not get posted. This is not to censor what you want to say, rather, to be certain that what you say is on topic and not offensive. Off-topic and/or offensive comments will not be approved for publishing, but they will be retained in WordPress (our blogging platform).

You may leave a comment using your credentials from Facebook, Twitter, or your personal WordPress account, or you can leave a comment as a guest. When commenting as a guest, you will be asked for your email address (which will not be made public) and your name.

It’s important to know why we won’t approve some comments. What constitutes a comment that will not be made public?

  • Contains profanity and vulgar language
  • Contains personal attacks of any kind or offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups
  • Promotes services or products (non-commercial links that are relevant to the blog post or comment are acceptable)
  • Makes unsupported accusations
  • Suggests or encourages illegal, dangerous or destructive activity
  • Contains long embedded URL strings
  • Threatens people or entities
  • Is a duplicate post (hitting submit 3 times won’t make the comment appear any faster)
  • Is far off topic

The Office of Response and Restoration is unable to post comments from children under the age of 13 due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). If you are 12 years old or younger, you may email us rather than posting a comment on this blog.

We recognize that the Web knows no specific schedule of operations, and your comments are welcome at any time. However, given the small nature of the ESI team, moderating and posting of comments will only be done during normal business hours, and may take longer at times due to personnel leave schedules. Please note that you are subject to Automattic’s privacy policy (Automattic Inc. is the company which owns WordPress) when visiting and commenting on our WordPress blog. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Thanks for joining us here on our blog!

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